Sanibel Island Cruise Line
Sanibel Island, Florida
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Frequently asked questions ?
Will we see dolphin?
Our local waters of San Carlos Bay, Pine Island Sound and the
near- coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico are home for lots of dolphin
throughout the year. Our trips cover such a wide area we almost always
see dolphin.
How is the shelling?
It varies- We go to Cayo Costa for our shelling trips and very few people
get to the area we will take you . It is a barrier Island only accessible by
After a couple of days of winds from the South, West or North we often
have excellent shelling, with lots of shells pushed onto the beach and in
the shallow waters along the shore.
Will I get wet getting on the boat at the pick- up spot and getting to shore
when arriving at Cayo Costa?
Yes- A few steps in knee deep water to the boat at the pick-up and
2 steps on the stern ladder and you are aboard.
At Cayo Costa , it's 2 steps down the ladder into knee-deep water and a
few steps to the beach.
Will there be good snorkeling conditions for our cruise?
Each year many of our cruises have good snorkeling conditions.
Factors that can effect snorkeling are water temperature and clarity.
There are many great things involved during our charters,the boat ride,
the great dolphin shows, getting to see the whole area by boat.
If snorkeling is at the top of your list of reasons to join us please
inquire about the recent snorkeling conditions when you call.
Is there a restroom on all of your boats?  
Yes- We find it is a must for the comfort of our guests.
Why must we call to confirm 48 hours before our departure time with you.
As we do not require any deposit from you and payment is made to the
Captain at the end of the cruise we need to know that you have in fact
arrived in the area in order to do our cruise.
Why do we have to call you the day of our cruise.
We do not decide the name of the boat and Captain taking you on your
cruise until the morning of your tour and we must also make certain the
conditions will allow us to produce an enjoyable trip the day you have