Weather and Water !
Southwest Florida has great weather most days of the year.
We monitor the 5 - day marine weather and wind forecasts this
allows us to respond to inquiries and to determine those few
days that conditions prevent us from doing cruises. Breezes
from the Northeast,East, and Southeast,are best for our
cruises,leaving calm,clear,water on the Gulf side of The Barrier
Islands. When we occasionally need to anchor on the Bay
side,our guests still have easy access to the Gulf shelling
beach and Watersports activities on the Bay side.                          
Mother Nature' (not your Captain) provides the wind and water
conditions that result in Clear/Warm water for snorkeling or
Cloudy/Cold water.   Your Captain can report on recent
conditiions and give his best estimate on todays water Temp
and clarity however even on the best summer days cloudy
water may affect snorkeling.
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